My name is Lacie. I am the owner of LP Design Studio.

I am Mom to a beautiful 10-year-old, Sister to three crazy brothers, and daughter of the Best Parents ever. I am a hopeless creative to the core.... Lover of all things eclectic and interesting. For many years I have enjoyed a variety of different design projects. Weddings and Events, Home Styling, Home Staging, painting, drawing, sewing and embroidery.

I would describe my design style to be a healthy mix of eclectic, minimalist, elegant, soft and timeless. I enjoy mixing unique vintage finds, neutral base colors, live foliage, cozy textiles, and pops of rich color, while also maintaining clean lines, versatility, and functionality.

I believe that one's space should communicate a story. A story of who they are, remembrance of places they have been, memoirs of those they love. A safe haven, a place to recharge, a place to enjoy with loved ones. A space that induces creativity and positivity. A quiet place to be alone with The Lord.

Wedding Ceremonies are so near and dear to my heart. I find so much joy and peace while creating a beautiful wedding day for the happy couple and their families. The covenant of marriage is such a beautiful and sacred gift from The Lord. The exchange of vows between two people should be celebrated! Celebrated in style for sure.

I love to create a special ambiance when I style wedding ceremonies. A mood that is tangible and thick with Love and authenticity. I work closely with each couple to incorporate their specific requests and style, while also offering suggestions and ideas of my own.

Just a few things about me...

  • I step in wherever help is needed.
  • I believe in Teamwork.
  • I believe in Leading by example.
  • I Love and Value my employees.
  • I am a Lover of all things business.
  • I am a Small Business Advocate.
  • I am a "LOVE PEOPLE" advocate.
  • In my spare time I enjoy Small Group Ministry Leadership. I am a Lover and follower of Jesus Christ.
    I am a Sinner. I am Redeemed...

    With Love and Authenticity,

    Just a few things about me...