It's Your Big Day-Make the Event Space Look Incredible

Get wedding design services from an experienced professional

It's time to plan for the biggest day of your life. Don't get overwhelmed-just get help from Lacie Price Design Studio to make your event space look its absolute best.

Working with Lacie, you'll go over a wide array of décor options and themes. She'll visit your event space, discuss your ideal setup and propose a variety of approaches. With her help, the venue for your special day can look just as special as you feel.

Work with an interior designer who has years of experience in the field. Reach out today to discuss your budget, material options and style preferences.

Why hire a professional for your wedding design?

Why hire a professional for your wedding design?

The advantages of working with an expert in event venue design are endless. When it's time to design for your wedding, count on Lacie Price Design Studio. Lacie provides:

  • Top-quality décor at affordable prices
  • Guidance for creating the look you want
  • Peace of mind that your space will look amazing

Prepare for your big day the right way by leaving the design to an expert. Speak with Lacie now to get a free estimate.